Walking Tour

Pryor Main Street offers a self-guided walking tour that combine a rich tour of architectural and community history with the healthy benefits of walking. This tour of downtown Pryor main street begins at the Chamber of Commerce building located on the southeast corner of Highway 20 (Graham) and Highway 69 (Mill Street).

Stop 1: Chamber of Commerce Building

ChamberCorner-nightThis historic building was originally constructed in 1900 as a 2-story structure that was home to First National Bank of Pryor Creek. The building served as a bank until about 1958. In the 1942 tornado, the top floor was destroyed and the building was remodeled as a one-story building. The building was given as gift to City Of Pryor around 1960 by the W.A. Graham Estate Trustees for use as headquarters for the Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce. In the summer of 1964, the building was remodeled as the Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce at cost of $9-12 thousand. The building was remodeled again in 2011-12 to its present appearance and the cost was paid by the City of Pryor.

Stop 2: Buff brick next door east of Chamber

BuddysFrom the Chamber building, walk east to the buff brick building next door. This building was built in 1900 as home to the W.A. Graham Company. The building was destroyed in the tornado in 1942.GraceLifeChurch Following the storm, the building was rebuilt to its present look. The east end of the building, currently a church, was the dry goods department and later Peter’s Department Store from 1955 to the early 1990’s. The west end of the building, currently a rental store, was the hardware department and, later , Coast-to-Cost Hardware from 1960’s to 1980’s.

Stop 3: Crossfit Pryor Creek

This building was originally the First State Bank. In the late 1930s, the building was home to the Western Auto Store. The building and two lives were lost here in the 1942 tornado. The rebuilt building is now home to Crossfit Pryor Creek.

Stop 4: Sharpe’s Building (Sam & Ella’s)

Continue walking east to the corner of Graham and Adair. This building is known as Sharpe’s building and will be the home of the soon-to-open Sam & Ella’s Pizza. The building originally housed Mayes Mercantile Company from 1919 to 1952. This is actually the third structure at this location. The first was destroyed by the 1942 tornado and rebuilt in the same year. The rebuilt structure was destroyed in a fire that killed a family of three that lived in second-story loft upstair. The present structure was built in 1944 and housed Sharpe’s Department Store from 1952 to 2007. The building was purchased in 2010 by Jackie Mullins.

Stop 5: Mayor Block (NAPA)

From the Sharpe building housing Sam & Ella’s Pizza, look north across Graham Street (Highway 20). The building that currently is home to the NAPA store was the original home of the Mayor Brothers Auto Supply. To the east of the NAPA store is a sandstone building that is the town’s oldest downtown structure. The sandstone building was built in 1914-1915 and housed the town’s first movie theater, “The Herald.” What is now the vacant lot was the Mayor Hotel destroyed by fire in January 1969.

Stop 6: Grand Valley Abstract and GV Abstract

GrandValleyAbstractOn the southeast corner of Graham and Adair is Grand Valley Abstract. This building was originally built in the 1920’s as home to American National Bank. The building was destroyed by the 1942 tornado and rebuilt. In the late 1960s it was remodeled to its present look. Next door is GV Abstract, a building that was home to Trendley Dougherty’s Dime Store from 1933 to the early 1980’s.


Stop 7: Store next door west of Allred

The Old Cherokee Drug Store, a famed sandwich counter, was located in the buidling just west of the Allred. The drug store closed in the early 1990s.

Stop 8: Allred Theater

Allred TheaterPryor’s downtown movie theatre, the Allred, opened around 1917 as  the Lyric Theater. It was destroyed in the 1942 tornado, rebuilt, and reopened in November 1942 with 700 seats. The architect was Jack Corrigan of Dallas, TX.

Before the storm, the east side of the structure housed a bakery for several years. What is now the east concession stand formerly housed the Allred Barber Shop until about 2000. Photo courtesy of Mayes County Pictures.


Stop 9 Grand Lake Mental Health BldgGLMHC

The current home of Grand Lake Mental Health was originally built and opened in 1958 as First National Bank. It becameGLMH around 1981.

Stop 10: Dollar Store Building

Dollar GeneralThe current home of Dollar General store was built and opened in April 1957 as McClellan’s Dime Store. The name was later changed to McCory’s.


Stop 11: Gooldy Block

Continue walking east on Graham Avenue (Highway 20). The next block is called Gooldy Block for the Chevrolet dealership located there. The buildings were built in 1938. Starting west to east was Safeway, the new Pryor Theater, the Pool Hall, and Gooldy Chevrolet. The block was totally destroyed in the 1942 tornado and rebuilt as a coffee shop, theater, pool hall, and Safeway. The buildings later housed the Coffee Shop, Carl Hogue’s Rexall Drug, Bob Chamber’s Pool Hall (BCU), Searcy’s Hole in the Wall Café and Safeway, then Pryor Home and Auto.

Stop 12: Bill Kolb AgencyBill Kolb

The building that now houses Bill Kolb’s office was originally a DX gas station building.

Stop 13: Pryor Workforce Center

The next building was the recent home of Madalyn’s Hallmark. The building was originally constructed in the 1960s as Weddle’s Grocery Store.  It is now home to Pryor Workforce Center.

Stop 14: Bill Clinton’s Tire Shop

The building housing Bill Clinton’s Tire Shop was originally a Mobile gas station built in the 1940’s.

Stop 15: Harriet Dunham’s NEOKLA Realty

The home of Harriet Dunhman’s NEOKLA Realty was originally opened in Feburary 1965 as the Ralph Jackson Building. When newly constructed, the building housed a real estate and insurance office as well as dentist offices of Charles Dickson and Steve Foreman. Hugh Morgan was the architect. 

Stop 16: Pryor Public Library

The Pryor Public Library was built new and opened in November 1958, a gift of the W.A. Graham Estate to the City Of Pryor. The library was built on the site of the old Pryor High School that was destroyed in the 1942 tornado.

Stop 17: Old Homeland Building

The Homeland building was built and opened in 1964. Homeland moved to its current location on Mill Street in 2014.

Stop 18: Castle Building

The Castle Building was built in 1942 and opened in May 1942. Billed as a 1,000 seat theater, The Castle Building showed its first movie in May and hurried to open before the Allred Theater. The Castle Building survived the 1942 tornado but closed about 1954. It was purchased in August 1956 by the American Legion for about $37,500. The building was purchased by the W. A. Graham Estate and given in 1958 to the City of Pryor for use as the Pryor Youth Organization (PYO)’s Teen Town for community youth, housing proms and school dances. The outer store fronts housed a sundry store and ice cream shop, among other businesses. The building was remodeled PYO at a cost of about $61,762.

Stop 19: Whitaker Hospital

The Whitaker Hospital was originally constructed in 1933 as one-story structure. It was damaged by the 1942 tornado and rebuilt into the current two-story structure it remains today.

Stop 20: Digits on North Adair

DigitsThe building housing Digits was the original home of the Pryor Jeffersonian Newspaper from the 1930’s until the early 1980’s.






Stop 21: Sherwin-Williams Paint Store


The current home of Sherwin-Williams Paint Store was originally opened in about 1957 but destroyed by fire in August of 1967. The southern end of the store was originally a Sears store that was also destroyed in the 1967 fire.


Stop 22: Church in unit block of S. Adair on eastside

ExtremeChurchThe current home of Extreme Church was originally build in July 1948 as the Ford Dealership. In the late 1960’s, the building was home to Tower Discount Store and then, in the 1990’s, housed Tony Littlefield’s furniture store.


Stop 23: Church in unit block of S. Adair on west side

Across the street looking west is another church. The building was originally built in late 40’s or early 50’s as Bell Telephone Office. In the late 1950’s until the late 190’s, the building housed the American Legion. The building was then home to Pryor Jeffersonian until the mid 1980’s.

Stop 24: Empty Building on Alley

The now empty building on the west side of South Adair on the alley was once the old Western Auto Store on Main Street.

Stop 25: Mitchell Building

Located on N. Vann Street just north of the Grand Lake Mental Health building is the Mitchell Building was constucted in 1942 and housed a drug store and then the U. S. Post Office.  The Mitchell building is home to J. Ralph Moore, P.C., Law office of Darrell Moore and Julia Neftzger.  Other businesses in the Mitchell Building are Driven Digital and Troyer Insurance.

Side Note

In the 1960’s, Pryor had more than 30 full-service gasoline stations. Pete’s drive-in opened in May of 1954. The Wilkerson Agency established in 1919.